Swan Corners

First a disclaimer. NO BOMB was found anywhere on the Mackinac Bridge yesterday. I do NOT know how these bomb squads can manage to “sweep” (or whatever) a five-mile suspension bridge but apparently nothing was amiss in the end. Also, how would a bomber manage to implant a bomb on the Big Mac without someone seeing them do it? Especially on the underside of it. I’m trying to envision what kind of equipment that might require. It kinda reminds me of when I was a kid going to the old Soo Junior High and High School and we would periodically get a bomb scare and have to shlep a couple blocks north to the Pullar Stadium (ice hockey and figure skating) and sit there being bored forever.

According to the GG, the call came from a gas station in Mackinaw City (south end of the bridge) but they haven’t found the person who made it or the car it came from. If they do, they should throw the book at him, like my blahggy friend Margaret said.

So here’s Swan Corners. This year there are two living parents and all EIGHT cygnets are still alive. Usually a couple/three cygnets get pulled under by turtles. This year (knock on wood), all eight are still alive. They sometimes rest by the side of the road here. This is a horrible pic taken from Mooon Yooonit’s driver side window. I didn’t want to stop and get outta the car and I am also afraid of Daddy Swan. So this is whatcha get. Embiggen if you want.

One Response to “Swan Corners”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s good to hear (no actual bomb) but I don’t understand the mindset of someone who would want to disrupt everything like that. Pointless and malicious. Male swans scare me too. So do aggressive geese.