No it’s not a hatch

Those streaky looking things? Those are not the latest insect hatch. Those are raindrops. BIG ONES!

It was a stormy day here in the Great Lake State. My NPR sub-station up here is attached to WCMU down in the middle of the lower peninsula and I was getting weather alerts for the lower every 20 minutes or so ALL DAY LONG. Severe thunderstorms, ping pong sized hail, tornado warnings, you name it. We had quite a bit of rain here in the yooperland but this is the best storm Ma Natchur threw at us. Thunder, lightning, a little wind, and these huge rain drops. That was about it. It was still beautiful and we watched it from the Old Cabin front porch.

Other than that, UKW did garbage dropoff and I did recycle dropoff and I think we both hit up grock stores but not for anything major. We are all trying to finesse the balance between eating well while we are here and having to deal with a bunch of leftover grocks when we leave, which will be more or less for the year. I don’t leave ANY food, perishable or not, in the moomincabin over the winter.

Other than that, after a rough start getting onto the internet, I was able to return to teleBeachLandia in a productive way today, the GG spent the day in the garatchkey building a bench, and UKW split wood with two left-handed gloves and cooked dinner for our group among other things.

G’night, KW

One Response to “No it’s not a hatch”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That sounds like very nasty weather!