Another photo credit to my mouse (click and click again to embiggen this elegant amphibian). My mouse has been trying to finish her 100 miles on the North Country Trail for the year and she’s now almost there with only 18 miles to go. That’s one long day or two short. (I hope it’s okay to report that. I usually try to keep my children’s lives off of here but this is pretty innocuous.)

I don’t have much of my own today. Just continued to get my work environment on my resuscitated laptop back to how I wanted it. One of the perks of all this is that some of my applications got upgraded in the process. All in all it was pretty painless, knock on wood that it is indeed over. I do have to note that I had this (Dell) laptop only two years before the hard drive failed. I replaced my 2013 MacBook Pro last winter. Was it broken? No it was not. It was just time since it was too old to run the latest operating system. It still works and has been repurposed to play music on our home pod or whatever you call it.

I can’t say we’ve never had an Apple product go into a failure mode but when one does it’s usually because it has taken a bath courtesy of yer fav-o-rite blahgger🐽 I have learned a few preventative strategies the hard way. One of them is to NOT use stemmed wine glasses. Another is when I am using my laptop on a kitchen counter to keep a dry tea towel underneath it, folded in half. I have not had a moisture catastrophe in a long time. Knock on wood!

One Response to “Frooooggy”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Most of my WIN laptops have only lasted 2 years or so. One of them crashed after one year. The hard drive! WTH. Still, I don’t understand Apple computers well enough to get one. (although I do have an iPhone)