Lay down and boogie and play that funky music ’til you diiiiiiie

This is the Lyme Lounge in its Halloween glory two years ago. Six months before COVID when we were all so innocent about cold-like symptoms. I don’t even think COVID was on the horizon in October 2019. It’s arguable about when it started showing up though. I caught a Man Cold that Thanksgiving weekend and it had just about subsided when I started coughing again and spent another three weeks hacking up a lung. I will always wonder if I was an early contractor of COVID but I doubt I’ll ever know. No one around me got sick but I was in vacay / holiday-telecommute mode by that time so I wasn’t really near anyone except immediate family. But maybe it wasn’t as contagious back then? I know I sound CRAYZEE but COVID is such a WEIRD disease and each variant of concern seems to become more contagious.

Anyway, we slept in the Lyme Lounge last night. It’s in the Landfill driveway right now and it isn’t decorated for Halloween this year. Not for any particular reason. Just that this year’s schedule hasn’t allowed time for the GG to decorate it. I love sleeping in the Lyme Lounge but anyone any taller than the GG or me would find it a challenge.

The only problem with sleeping in the LL is that I have to pick up my phone to look at what time it is instead of just eyeballing the clock. I did that at 5:53 and I was thinking about getting up but then it sounded like it was raining and I kinda went back to sleep. It was still pitch black when I did get up (the sun rises at something like 7:47 AM these days).

This is a lot less scary than the decoration the Lyme Lounge sported for a SHORT period of time in 2016. The GG had been up north on some kind of boondoggle and the day after he returned, I got into the Ninja to do my Zen Commute over to Cubelandia. And I looked up and saw THIS! I love the color orange but not in a politician, especially one whose modus operandi is to yell and scream and call everyone names including those who SUPPORT HIM! I do not get why people like him.

I was freaked out for a bit when I first saw this on the Lyme Lounge. By the time I got to Cubelandia, I realized that we had been pranked [probably] by the other twin of terror. We won’t go into polly-ticks (too much) tonight. The GG and I are NOT on the same page but he did remove the Trump magnet. “I’m gonna be traveling.” Aka, I don’t wanna get into debates with other campers.

I promptly ordered some “I’m with her” refrigerator magnets. I did support Hillary Clinton although I have mixed feelings about her candidacy but I CERTAINLY preferred her over the Orange Baboon. I’m kinda done for tonight. I do NOT want Trump to come back.

One Response to “Lay down and boogie and play that funky music ’til you diiiiiiie”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m with you on all of that. It terrifies me to think of Trump back in power, especially seeing how his supporters cave to his insanity and horrible decisions/temper tantrums. We are sunk as a country if that happens.