And the leaves are comin’ down

Today was the beginning of the end. Our trees still have a lot of leaves on them but a big wind today knocked a whole bunch down. While I slaved away, the GG got out some of his toys and filled two big compost bins for pickup tomorrow. I had a ringside seat but at one point I had to abandon it because I was in a meeting and he was blowing leaves directly outside my office window (shown). I could not hear a thing. I decamped to the Landfill Chitchen, telling my boss that I couldn’t even yell at my husband because he was wearing big noise-canceling ear doodlies.

Nowadays we are required to put all of our leaves and other small yard waste (no big logs please) in a compost cart (we have two and need them both!) and wheel it out to the curb for weekly pick up. We can also put some in our own compost (and we do). Some people hire services to rake it up and haul it away.

We used to rake/blow them all into the street and the city would send out all kinds of equipment, “diggers” and all 🤣, to scoop it all up and haul it away.

Leaf pickup days were so much fun. When they happened. One year Old Man Winter blew a foot of snow at us on our second pickup day and it didn’t happen.

Eventually, the city decided not to provide that service any more. We were initially kind of ticked off. Well. What will we do with our leaves? As it turns out, it hasn’t changed a whole lot for those of us who do not hire a service. There are pros and cons to both sides of the issue. We do manage to get rid of our leaves, just not on a couple of scheduled days.

I wish I could find the pic of my old Island Teal POC Chrysler minivan parked (by me) with the left back right tire up on the curb in the midst of a bunch of leaves. I took some ribbing from my young adult drivers for that one oh boy oh boy. Look at how moom parked the POC 🤣🤣🤣

One Response to “And the leaves are comin’ down”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My leaves easily fit in my yard waste although I generally just mow them up. Ours are about 60% down; the torrential rain is taking most of them down and clogging up the drains with them. I’m thankful to live on a hill where there is no chance of flooding.