Breakin’ mah neck tryna get out the door

That used to be a common theme when I schlepped over to Cubelandia on an almost daily basis. Lemme see… Laptop. Keys in hand. Whatever outerwear I may need. Purse.

Now? Purse. Grockery bags. Key fob in pocket. Debit card in zipper pocket. MASK MASK MASK ALERT (unless I have left my current KN95 in my car). I was taking off on an 8:00 AM trip to the Plum and I had all that stuff. I threw it into Cygnus and then… Oh yeah, there’s mail for my 🐭. Back inside to get it. Got in Cygnus and faaared her up and… Frosty veeendsheeld. Oh yeah. It’s that season. No ice scraper in Cygnus so back in AGAIN to grab an ice scraper. Why did I not think to remote start? Um, note to KW. Check out HOW to remote start Cygnus…

Plum was fine and Oriole was in the parking lot so I brought the 🐭 mail in with me. I was at the Uscan and hadn’t seen 🐭 so I texted her and next thing I knew she was right next to me helping me check out. What a cluster f*ck that was albeit a fun one! We were both talking a mile a minute while dealing with (and sometimes confusing) the Uscan.

I have always loved the Plum. It opened while 🐭 was on study abroad in Dakar and it has been one of my main stores ever since. And now it’s fun that some people recognize me as “Mom”. (I usually keep my relationship with 🐭 quiet.)

I got my first KN95 mask from one of my uber cousins, also an uber nurse and a Champion Masker (her son’s words). At that time, we were all gathered and vaxxed at the moominbeach and COVID cases were low in the eastern yooperland. I felt okay wearing my cotton masks into Meijer at that time. Alas. Given that COVID infections are once again skyrocketing in the Great Lake State (why?) and there are breakthroughs, I recently bought a box of KN95 masks. I notice that my 🐭 double-masks at work.

2 Responses to “Breakin’ mah neck tryna get out the door”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I am wearing only KN95s with some N95s thrown in there. The latter have straps around the back of the head though which muss up my hair. 🙂 I haven’t checked our stats here in WA; I know that Pierce County (where I live) has a crappy vaccination rate. However, our cases have been dropping. The deaths are among much younger people though, mostly under 70.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Test comment. The other one said it was a duplicate. I love my KN95s!