Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

Or probably a handmade lace shawl or two would suffice in this day and age.

So, Mouse stood on her head and then we dropped her off at Metro for a flight out to California. As I hugged her before she went through security, I said, “I only wish I was going with you.” And I did. After all these years as a confirmed denizen of the Great White North, I don’t know why I’m doing so much California Dreamin’. But I’ve already had my trip and it’s better that she go alone. The girls will have a lot more fun and travel lighter with just the two of them.

I enjoyed being out there just me and Liz. In contrast to some of our loverly “family vacations,” there was absolutely no arguing and no one was ever at cross purposes. I was up for the low-budget tour. I didn’t care about shopping or fancy restaurants or exciting activities. I wanted to just hang out and soak up the scenery and the local population. Sure, we ate out sometimes. But homemade avocado sandwiches and vegetarian burritos were just as good and, overall, we really didn’t spend much money at all. I knew she would have to be at work some of the time and that was okay too. I had plenty of work to do myself and it also gave me the chance to get out and walk around Berkeley by myself. I’m easy. I’m happy sleeping on couches and sharing bathrooms with whatever critters live there. Spiders and mushrooms live in mine.

I’m sure Mouse will get a slightly different tour. As Liz and I passed a yarn shop in San Francisco, I said to her, “I think that store is in your future!” I bet Mouse will want to explore the left coast’s palette of fiber art materials and supplies. I love fiber art stuff too but with Photoshop and Flash filling up so much of my creative space lately, I could’ve cared less on this trip. And Mouse will probably not get up at 5 AM everyday and fade at 10. So, I don’t know what they’ll do but it’ll be different than what I did and probably Lizard’ll be relieved when all of the guests scheduled this month or thereabouts have come and gone and life settles back to a dull roar.

Have a good time, kiddos! Post pictures. Froog and I will take care of the little mouse, Squeaky. She’s safe! grokgrokgrokGROK!!! I’ve got my own little adventures planned for this weekend. And I’ll be hanging out at Metro next Thursday, ready and waiting for the usual weekend of grocery shopping that happens before another quarter at K begins. Trader Joe’s anyone?

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