Fiery Chore Girl

First of all, that gorgeous skyscape did not happen today. I won’t complain because Mr. Golden Sun shone down on us all day. But this is approximately a year ago and the yellow things on the ground have to do with the Great Gas Meter Replacement Prodject. Prior to that prodject, I had tentative plans to morph the extra bedroom into an office. The ongoing Gas Meter entertainment derailed my office prodject but I am now angling for a new couch because the Green Couch just isn’t doing it for me any more. The hitch is that I also want to GET RID OF THE Green Couch. It’s time. Also. We’ll see how that goes.

And so today. Usual Saturday type chores plus some. Organized the meager pile of xmas gifts and located some gift wrap in the dungeon. Unfortunately it’s got metallic elements so not recyclable unless I decide to see if the Scrap Box will take it. Hmmm… Emptied the freezer and reorganized it. Again. At least it’s frost-free so that was a relatively painless prodject. Vacuuming (Roooomba) and floor mopping. Grocery/chore list. I used to keep chores and groceries on a separate list but I ALWAYS neglect to look at the chore list so I’m experimenting with putting everything on one list.

Valuable things found today: 1) The Commander’s xmas cookie recipes. A few of them anyway. Frosted sugar cookies, cucidata (spellings vary), shortbread, mint-chocolate bars and holiday fruit drops. I found them on my laptop, some of them in dangerously old Word formats. 2) The Commander’s old 10″ hand-made ceramic pie plate from the old Woodland Workshop, a unique shop in the owners’ house down the beach from us. She “willed” this pie plate to my mouse, who also inherited her grandmoose’s pie-making skills. A slight panic happened that it might have been left at a previous apartment. But no, she had wisely left it safely stored with me until she had a place with a little more space. And I will fling things but I would NEVER fling something like that. Or anything from the Woodland Workshop for that matter. In the end, she left it here with me again and that’s okay.

Speaking of grocery lists, the GG has told me TWICE that we need bar soap. I put it on my list the first time. Not complaining here but it brings to mind a time during early pandemic days when all of a sudden, the debit card I had been ordering EVERYTHING on suddenly didn’t work. I spent something like 20 minutes on the phone with the bank and then had to present identification at the bank the next morning for them to unfreeze my account. This was back in the day when we were worried about COVID spreading on fomites so the last thing I wanted to do was go through the drive-through bank.

The point here is that the thing I was trying to buy (from Amazon) when my debit card choked was BAR SOAP. I dunno what triggered the issue but after MONTHS of ordering things online from EVERYWHERE, bar soap? White Dial? Jeebus.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a beautiful sky! I’m thinking I need to wrap Niko’s gifts soon in case he locates them somehow. However, I keep them in my closet and since my bathroom will be torn up, he won’t be in there. (I think?) I make frosted sugar cookies too but the others are unfamiliar to me. I also do Russian teacakes. Every year my mother reminds me of the first time I made them as a young teen; I didn’t know what confectioners sugar was, so I used granulated. They were very crunchy.