Solstice-y sunset with streetlight

You can’t see the actual sun in this sunset pic. The streetlight is brighter. If we were approaching the SUMMER solstice and were at the moominbeach, Mr. Golden Sun would be blasting us with white hot heat.

I love both solstices and all of the seasons in between. Except for the snow driving. I am glad I don’t have to snow-drive to Cubelandia any more. Even though I now own Cygnus (Subie Crosstrek), who is AWD and probably great at snow. When Cygnus was brand new, I had her parked at the farmers market one Saturday in June and as I returned to her, some nice Young Turk had just parked his pickup next to Cygnus and he was gushing about her. He had owned a Crosstrek and was reminiscing about driving it in the snow “up north”.

I accepted his kudos on my vee-hickle purchase. I didn’t say anything about whether or not I would be out having “fun” in the snow with Cygnus but I did tell him about the last car I owned (my loverly 6 speed manual Ninja) and how it was NOT really a good snow car.

I also didn’t tell him I grew up in Sault Ste. Siberia and learned to drive in snow. I can still remember driving family-owned rear wheel drive vee-hickles in deep slushy snow. I would be driving either my parents’ Pontiac Tempest or my grandma’s Ford Fairlane that became “ours” when she couldn’t drive any more. Whichever of those cars I was driving it was like driving a motor bote navigating through all that snow.

Those cars were both mid-60s vee-hickles. If I remember correctly, the Fairlane had power steering and power brakes. The Tempest did not. Neither of those cars had air conditioning. The first vee-hickle the GG and I bought with A/C was the Exxon Tanker Valdez (Plymouth minivan) we bought in 1989.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Subies have great AWD. When I was car shopping, I was told by the Toyota salesman (the ex-husband of a good friend) that if I was looking for the best AWD, Subaru had it hands down. I combine that with studless snow tires and I even bought snow socks. I am prepared! Our mountain passes are getting hammered and there were even a few flakes down here in the lowlands.