Hah. hah. hah. hah. Stayin’ Aliiiii-ee-i-iiiiiiive-ee-i-iiiiive

It is common knowledge (right?) that it is statistically safer to fly than drive. And I believe that but flying still makes me nervous, even after successfully flying to the left coast and back. And then there are days like today. I swear. If I had a dime for every time someone:

  • Cut in front of me without putting on their turn signal.
  • Cut in front of me without putting on their turn signal and then *slowed down*.
  • Tried to merge into the same lane as I was trying to merge into at the same time as I was trying to merge into it.
  • Didn’t let me in to whatever lane I wanted to get into, even though my turn signal had been on forever.
  • *Tailgated* me, even though I was going at least five miles over the speed limit. (No, I am not a particularly slow driver but I am *very* alert, cautious but assertive when I need to be. Taught well by Grandroobly or maybe I just inherited a bit of his DNA.)
  • Shot *across* a parking lot, emerging *suddenly* in front of me from between parked cars, thereby forcing me to SLAM on my brakes.
  • We won’t even talk about the plastered-to-head-cell-phone crowd. Or the fast-food-supersize-me-eatin’-in-my-car crowd. Or the I’m-in-Jamaica-in-my-mind crowd.

After two trips to WCC (20 miles round trip, surface streets there and freeway back) and one trip to Metro (50 miles round trip, freeway both ways), I feel like I was in a vee-hickle all day and I feel pretty lucky to be alive. Aeroplanes seemed to be taking off and landing at Metro with none of those problems.

Doo doot doot doo doot da da da doo doot doot doo doot da da da waaaaaaaahhhhhhh doo… doo… doo… doo

G’night! 🙂

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