Okay, I am not big on romantical type things. But. It’s winter. It isn’t the worst weather we’ve ever had but I am kind of over it. We’ve survived COVID (albeit very mild breakthrough cases). It’s a holiday of sorts. And it’s my late mother-in-law’s birthday. Sweet Sally Grandma, mother of 10, grandma of 19. We are celebrating this day in our own quiet way. If not Valentine’s Day, Grandma Sally’s birthday. 🧡

I bought filet the other day to cut up for kebabs. I went back this morning to try to snag a couple lobster tails and YES, they had them. I also bought the GG a little box of chocolates. The beach urchins also sent chocolate and fancy nuts. We are well supplied.

I was surprised when I arrived at Plum when it opened this morning. Usually there is almost nobody but me in the parking lot at that hour. Today? It wasn’t slammed but there were quite a few vee-hickles. A month ago I wouldda been nervous about this but armed with my current weird (and probably temporary) COVID invulnerability, I masked up and charged on in.

Valentine’s Day is a weird holiday for retailers. Back when my kids were teenagers, we were in the midst of a play production “tech week” and I went to Kroger On V-Day because I think I had actually run out of TOILET PAPER! (Little did I know what was to come.) There were all these men zombie-ing through the store grabbing wildly at candy and flowers and cards and whatever. Took me a while to figure out it was Valentine’s Day. Me? I just needed toilet paper.

Years later my grocery rodent worked in a fancy candy store. Her take on holidays was that people who were buying chocolates at xmas were cheerful and having fun. Valentine’s day was just plain stressful.

Valentinia has all of the letters for today’s spelling bee but it is not a word. Hope that wasn’t a spoiler.

2 Responses to “Valentinia”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I remember observing the same phenomenon when I was (accidentally) at the store after work on a Valentine’s Day. I realized then how little a lot of that holiday fuss matters or even means. I still like a card but am not really into the rest of the fuss.

  2. Pooh Says:

    I was in line at a Walgreens once on V-Day, buying a V-Day card. The guy in front of me was buying a box of condoms. It took a lot of willpower for me not to ask him, “what, no card, no candy?” Nevertheless, she resisted!