Never a dull moment

Water draining slowly in the bathroom sink? Call the plumber! Veeeeelhelm! Oh Veeeelhelm! And quick as a wink, Veelhelm heads to the phone booth and changes into Super Plumber. Sneak peek of Ecoterlet in the first phooooto. Yes, her seat is up! A maaaaaaan lives here and I decided a long time ago that terlet seat position was not a hill I was willing to die on 🐽. I keep her scrupulously clean, swabbing her down every single day, even throughout stupid ailments like COVID, mild breakthrough that it was. At least now I don’t have to ration Clorox wipes but I have learned how not to use a lot of them. I do have a germ phobia about using “re-usable” things (sponges and cloths, etc.) to clean the business parts of the terlet. TMI? Sorry.

Super Plumber cleans up after himself (he lives here too) and all of this crapola moved back into the cabinet under the sink after the sink was successfully unplugged.

My status. Second day of spreadsheet evisceration. Today was more like massage and I think I’m 99% there in terms of a document I can WORK WITH! Jeebus. Then there’s Wordle. Someone turned me on to Quordle… Actually I think Pengie originally found it but I didn’t get it directly from her. It has a frickin’ PRACTICE mode meaning you can actually play it more than once a day… Dangereuse dangereuse dangereuse. Ol’ Man Winter? Warm tonight but deteriorating tomorrow with 3-6″ predicted. I’m making a grock run EARLY tomorrow before that happens. It’s not a panic run. I ALWAYS go early anyway, especially since COVID but you know that if you are one of my five regular readers 🤣. 3-6″ is not really much for this area but still.

Winter is on the down side of the season but it is never over until it’s over, especially here in the Great Lake State. Cheers!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Plumbing projects are the bane of my existence but John seems to enjoy them and is also great at cleaning up after himself. (although he doesn’t live here) I think winter is on the downward slide. I’m glad of that in spite of all the weeds growing in my flower beds and shaggy lawn.