I heard through the grapevine yesterday that my fave grocery store would no longer require employees to wear masks. My OTHER “big box” grocery store has not required them since I dunno when. A mixed bag of people have been wearing them there. The guys who clean the floors early in the morning don’t but I can stay way away from them. The cashiers always mask and I go thru the UScan where they don’t have to get close to me at all except for the five seconds it takes to approve my whine. I was hoping my neighborhood upscale store would keep mandating employee masking for a while… Alas. I went there today and it was a mixed bag but I was okay (I was masked).

I do see that cases are falling precipitously around here but I will still be masking and keeping a distance. I hate big crowds anyway. I do hope that EVERYONE will pay attention to the metrics and reinstate masking if the numbers go up. I mean, we’ve been here before, right?

That said, I now know that CASES are not the only metric. That reality didn’t really sink in until I had my own breakthrough infection. In fact, I did not take a test at all, not even a home antigen test. Since the GG was positive and I shared air with him, when I developed symptoms a couple days later, I figured there was no point in wasting a test. They were scarce at that time. So I am an uncounted case. (And I did not get it from a grocery store.)

In even more boring news, this is the first Thursday since maybe early February that I didn’t have to haul my carts down to the curb in YakTrax. All of the ice in my driveway has finally melted (for now), even the mess where I park Cygnus. The sun don’t shine there and it would semi-melt every day and then re-freeze at night. For a couple days I was sanding/salting the heck out of it but eventually it got to be bitsy little *patches* of ice instead of big rinks. We’re being threatened with 60-plus temps on Sunday. Really? We’ll see.

The pic? Sent by the GG from O-haaa-o today, where they hiked five miles more than planned due to a missed turn. It’s a little hard to count the legs but yes it is a nursing calf and its mooma.

If you do Wordle and finished it today, I thought the word was appropriate to our world these days. I hope that wasn’t a spoiler.

2 Responses to “Normal?”

  1. Pooh Says:

    I thought yesterday’s Wordle was also appropriate for the news. I haven’t done today’s yet.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Yay for no ice! I will also continue to wear my mask–most around here are still doing so. I forget the Wordle word as soon as I do it so I can’t recall what it even was!