Paper Bag Aminal

I was walking along Arbana in the dark this morning and it is extra dark down there because there are no streetlights on that stretch of street. It’s also a pretty good skunk area so I am always extra watchful. There was a paper bag in the middle of the street. Or was it? Something made me stop and peer a little closer at it. Was it alive? It wasn’t a skunk. I have never seen a paper bag that looked like a skunk. I took a couple of tentative steps closer. It looked like it had eyes. Finally it made a small, almost imperceptible movement. For just a split second, I thought, “cat” but then I realized it was a very cute, terrified opossum. I said, “it’s okay, little possum, I won’t hurt you, get outta the middle of the street before some vee-hickle hits you,” and then I went on my way. I sure hope it got out of the street before any vee-hickular traffic came along.

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