Mousey? Nothing?

walkingstickSay it in the sing-song voice that a moom and toddler might use to talk to each other. Actually, the entire script was originally:

Moom: Mousey?

Mouse: What?

Moom: What are you doing?

Mouse: Nothing.

Mouse learned right away to just dispense with those middle two sentences. Why waste your energy with extra sentences when you could continue writing all over yourself with markers or painting your bed frame with glitter glue or eating little girl lipstick [oh fer kee-reist, it was non-toxic] or whatever until your old tired moom actually came along and *checked* on what the heck you were doing. And the reason for the initial question? Well, of course, things were just a leetle bit too quiet for the old tired moom’s taste.

Anyway, I can’t remember the last day that I haven’t had something scheduled. Somewhere to go. Work or HL or Siberia or kzoo or Cali-in-my-dreams or wherever. I think I could write a chore list from here to the moon but there I was this morning, bumbling around the Plum Market without a list or anything. I started out in the produce department and I think I returned to that department either three or four times. Maybe Mouse remembers. She actually dragged herself out of bed to walk over there with me. And so the day continued. I wasn’t exactly idle. I was washing dishes that Mouse brought home, and chopping veggies that we bought at the Plum, and fiddling around with laundry, etc. But I felt un-moored or whatever. At one point I lamented [on the internet, no less, my bad] about how unproductive I was feeling on a day that was essentially mine! Nothing scheduled at all. A few facebook friends knocked me in the head with the 2×4 that it was OKAY to be idle once in a while. And I think they are right. Eventually, I did make it downstairs to my deep, dank, dark, great gray-green, greasy Limpopo “studio”, where I moved the blasted BED away from my fabric shelves and picked away at my fabric stash and one of my three four UFPs.

I was also annoyed with the weather today. It started out cloudy and we felt a few drops of rain on our way to the Plum this morning. And then it cleared and got windy and actually it was a perfect early summer day around here, never even got above about 82. Great for graduation parties, et al. I really wanted a good monsoon type summer day, or at least cloudy skies. What is wrong with me? A Facebook/childhood friend living in Texas mentioned that it has been over 100 down there for days now. I am such a wimp! How can I complain?

Nothing nothing nothing nothing
Nothing nothing nothing all day long
Nothing nothing nothing nothing
How-ya like my nothing song.

Man oh man, I am waiting for the next iPhone camera where I can actually TAP where I want it to focus.

One Response to “Mousey? Nothing?”

  1. grandmothertrucker Says:

    nuthin from nuthin leaves nuthin…..