Hen-shit brown

A couple weeks ago the UU (the GG’s identical twin) took his grandson on a joy ride to the yooperland. He sent a lot of pics but I didn’t notice this one until today.

What’s to notice, you’re wondering? It’s just a little [hen-shit] brown house. It also happens to be The Commander’s old house. It was my piano teacher’s house and then it was my grandparents’ house and finally it was my parents’ house. It is not the house I grew up in but I spent many visits there as an adult.

Behind the jeep in the pic is the kitchen window. It was a small kitchen but there was a little table there (and a big dining table in the adjacent room to the right of that). My brother spent his first couple of college years attending the local university and living at their house. His classes were a hop, skip, and a jump away from the house through the back yard and across the street. One night Radical Betty and Duck (aunt and uncle) were visiting for dinner and my brother left to play trombone in the pep band at a hockey game at the arena down the street. When he left, dinner was over and there was a bottle of Jack Daniels on the table. When he returned, they were still at the table and the bottle was significantly diminished and Duck and Radical spent the night and I’m not sure how Radical felt the next day…

The room that sticks out on the right was the parents’ bedroom. It was in that room, after my dad died, that my cousin helped mom and I sort out some of the rifles that were in the closet. There was quite a collection, even though my dad had probably not shot one since the Goose Pajama Incident and come to think of it, he didn’t shoot one then. It was also getting close to the Midnight Sun season and anyone outside could probably have seen those guns lined up in the room with Mr. Golden Sun lighting them up. There was a cop that frequently drove by – in a friendly way – but we thought it might be prudent to put the guns away or close the drapes.

As far as I know, several people have owned the house since us but it seems to be pretty much the same hen-shit brown color as ever. The parents had it repainted one time and there were a lot of jokes about painting it hen-shit brown AGAIN. I mean, I don’t think that’s the color name on the paint can but…

Anyway, thanks for the pic!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s a nice-looking house and I don’t mind the hen shit brown, although my own house is gray blue.