Sunshine city on derby day

I wish I had thought to take a pic when I was down at the farmers market this morning. The sun was so bright and so low in the sky that when I was walking more or less east, I literally couldn’t see anyone walking toward me. This is from the end of my street as I was returning from the market. It’ll have to do.

I was hoping for asparagus at the market today but we aren’t quiiiite there yet. I got red onions, scallions, potatoes, lettuce, lamb stew meat, and a whole chicken. Then I went to the plum, where I also had a list of stuff. The asparagus there looked pretty good. I doubt it’s local but maybe it’s not from too far away. My fave cashier checked me out and my mouse snuck up to bag my grocks.

I do miss Farmer John’s lunchroom market over at Cubelandia but I’ll live. Anyway, today was the first Saturday the market opens at 7AM and that’s before you have to pay for parking. Not that I mind paying for parking, just that it’s easier not to have to PLUS if you get there when it opens, there’s plenty of parking.

We are VOTing aka porterzoomation after the derby. Which is already done BTW. I am not really into the derby this year but my horses were Happy Jack and Cyberknife. We did not place bets this year. And then the long shot won and the GG is having a terrible time settling down from the excitement of it all. And yes, Happy Jack misbehaved. A bit like my dad (Jack) who I’m pretty sure misbehaved a bit from time to time, at least when he was a child.

COVID is a part of why we are VOTing the derby tonight. It isn’t the only reason but we were talking to our neighbor for a while this afternoon and he mentioned that COVID numbers are VERY HIGH at his daughter’s in-person elementary school, where she’s a first grader. 200 cases? Jeeesh. We may be over COVID but it isn’t done with us. Watching the derby on TV with that big crowd of unmasked people, all I could think was how many COVID cases will come out of this? Sigh. Again. It’s still out there.

P.S. VOT translates to Virtual Oscar Tango. For YEARS, we got porterized at the Old Town restaurant downtown, known by many locals as the Oscar Tango. And Virtual is because COVID. I’m convinced we’ll be meeting there again but not just yet.

3 Responses to “Sunshine city on derby day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m also laying low right now because I don’t want Covid to derail my NY trip. So many people don’t care anymore about the numbers, precautions or anything related to the virus. They are covering their eyes as our cases tick back up. Ugh.

  2. Pam J. Says:

    I’m now officially on a covid watch until next weekend. We went to a party yesterday. Yes, a party with non-relatives. A farewell to a very old friend moving out of the area. About 20 people in a house. Eating a meal and unmasked. On a rainy day so we couldn’t gather outdoors. This is the first time in more than 2 years that I’ve done such a thing and while I assume everyone was vaxxed it doesn’t seem to matter much any longer, does it? I’m not afraid of catching covid, I’ve been expecting it for years now. I have a hugely compromised immune system b/c I have a form of leukemia and am on daily meds for it. I still work 6 days a week at my local library — just 2-3 hrs a day in the children’s section, with unmasked toddlers — so I’ve been a moving target for a long time. Why haven’t I contracted it yet? I have a theory: another daily pill I take is fluoxetine (prozac). There’s some evidence that prozac and a sister drug, fluvoxamine, protect against severe covid. ( So there’s that.

  3. l4827 Says:

    Yes, Churchill Downs has a way to nag at one after a race. We have bet on long shots, but of course not today. VOTing is always a good and civic endeavor, always enjoyed same for years… :-).