Got up a wee bit later than I wanted to but I had a different agenda than usual. I made it to Meijer just about at 7:00 AM. A case of beer (bud, but not lite) for FlaMan, a FEW cleaning supplies for the GG to take to the moomincabin this weekend.

For years (pre-COVID), I tried to buy as much stuff down here as I could and schlep it up. My reasoning was that I didn’t want to spend my time up there going to town to get grocks and supplies. Well, guess what? I always ended up shopping up there ANYWAY. Two years ago was the early scary days of COVID with no vaccines and a nutso president who was doing everything to ignore scientific data and promote his own quack remedies.

So that year I tried to bring EVERYTHING up. Man was that stressful. And curbside pickup was available but it wasn’t easy, at least not as easy as it was on the Planet Ann Arbor. At one point I was told that I couldn’t *do* curbside pickup at the Meijer 15-20 minutes away because I wasn’t in the right zip code. Um, c’mon. What do you care what zip code I’m in? I’M COMING TO PICK IT UP!!! I know people who live in the central yooperland who travel to The Soo Meijer frequently.

Last year, vaxxed but still uneasy, I masked up and braved the Soo grocery stores and laundromat, etc. And even a few restaurants, not all of them in the yooperland. Alas. Cases started to surge in the fall and people we know got breakthrough cases. And then I got my own breakthrough and yes I am STILL masking. “Other people” are not but I have given up trying to nag them 🐽🐽🐽

Anyway, I sent him up there with a few cleaning supplies (like dish soap and the only TB cleaner that WORKS in that terlet) that I know he will probably need. But this year I am not gonna go nutso about schlepping all kinds of stuff up. I’ll mask up and get what we need when we need it. I am going up for Memorial Day and probably a bit beyond. If I can’t get exotic ingredients, I won’t cook exotic stuff, not that I do much of that anyway.

So this afternoon MMCB1 DM’d me because apparently a significant TORNADO went through Gaylord. She knew the GG was heading north today. Did I know where my husband was? Not exactly. I didn’t think he was in a ditch under Mooon Yooonit but I called him anyway. Nope. He was at Hoton Lake with his sister Gr8gerty. He was heading to Gaylord but that would be long after the tornado passed through. The UU (his identical twin) got footage of the funnel cloud.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    A tornado? Wow! I’m still uneasy and probably always will be but I’ve done and am doing everything I can–double boosted, mask and keep my exposure to crowds at a minimum. And I’m not unhappy taking those precautions.