’tis the season

At least he’ll be ready for That Season when it rolls around again. All too soon. And no this thing doesn’t chop up branches, at least not intentionally. But boyz just wanna have fun don’tcha know. With their shovels and rakes and power stuff.

A long day of untwisting various things at work, functionality, not people. Mostly. But that one person is a known quantity. Anyway, y’all don’t want to hear about any of that because BORING. At least the jackhammers in my street stopped before any meetings started.

It isn’t really that bad using an outhouse with no door as long as it meets a few requirements. 1) The door (or lack thereof) is not in a place where anyone can see inside unless they walk right up to it. 2) It is surrounded by a LOT of trees. 3) A limited number of people are using it. Four in our case except when we had guests.

One of the perks of having no door is that it helps [somewhat] with keeping the odor down. The small number of people using it and the deep freeze of our winters probably also helped with that. I was still glad when we finally got indoor plumbing.

We installed a septic field when I was 20 but it wasn’t until my little brother got married that The Commander installed true indoor plumbing fixtures with hot water and everything. I’m sure the RV shower wasn’t to s-i-l’s taste but she tolerated it until…

The worst thing about the outhouse wasn’t the lack of door. It was the lack of light at night. I would run like a bat outta hell out there with my flashlight and run like a bat outta hell back. Thinking about lurking vampires and werewolves the whole time.

Years later when I was at a work meeting the LSCHP (who used to be my boss) was talking about vampires and how they sparkle. I guess they do that in modern vampire movies but I’ve never seen one. I piped up with, “they didn’t do that when I was a kid going to our outhouse.” I’ll never forget the look on the then development manager’s face 🤣

One Response to “’tis the season”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve used outhouses and pit toilets but not on a regular basis. You wouldn’t tend to dally in either one of them, light or no light. 😉