A frogiversary post from Meeeeeeeeeee! (Squee-grok squee-grok!)

Grok grok! This ‘s a post frum yer favo-rite frooog, th’ beeyootiful greeeeen one with th’ bits o’ perpul about th’ eyes! Grok grok. Click my li’l thermommyter down thare t’ heer my latest frogcast! Oh yeah, I fergot t’ put in my frogcast that thay wer tawkin’ about TERLETS! Rite thare in th’ fancee hotel! Terlet in a box ‘n’ chamber pot terlet ‘n’ outhouse terlet ‘n’ sumth’n’ about smashin’ ‘n’ crankin’ gaskets ‘n’ all that fun plummin’ stuff. Grok grok slurp grok!


3 Responses to “A frogiversary post from Meeeeeeeeeee! (Squee-grok squee-grok!)”

  1. Aimee Nassoiy Says:

    Ok I’m in hysterics at this one.
    Happy anniversary and I wish I was there to celebrate it with you. . .er, I’ll pass on the listerine.
    I know there’s a future in the recording industry for the Froooooooooog.

  2. l4827 Says:

    We listened to Froggy’s hit song up here at the cabin. But since we have only dial-up service here at the cabin, we only get to her a G-r-ro-, -reee, sa.. I’ve gotta hur-” WSo we only get small bites heare and there However, we’re sure the song is spectacular and the Froggy will be a hit on the U.P. charts.

  3. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Happy Anniversary to you! I like the quilt block that Mouse has in her hands too. Good project for the trip.