Homework Avoidance

Taking a little break from htminimalism and 1950s hello kitty (you do *not* want to know) to put up a couple new blahg pages. One is my post about our June 2006 Pictured Rocks kayak trip. The other is a compilation of links to all my California-related posts and pictures. Links to the new pages are on the right sidebar under “Pages”.

And while I’m at it, since I have nothing coherent to say today, I’ll give y’all a couple of bonus links. For those jetting off to China and other whereabouts, the Transportation Security Administration. Leave those jackknives at home or in your checked baggage! Unless you are Mouse, that is, I guess she has magical powers. And just for fun, if you want to call it that, a couple of loverly Flash games: Samorost 1 and Samorost 2. As always, these things almost completely foiled me. Good luck!

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