Four weeks plus three days

sunsetThis is the view from the “hole” in front of the old cabin at Fin Family Moominbeach at around sunset on the 4th of July 2009, where Mouse and I watched the sun go down and then some of the Bay Mills faaarrrrworks. It was an absolutely gorgeous evening. As I went to bed, I could still hear the Bay Mills farrrrworks exploding off in the distance. Almost as comforting as hearing foghorns in the early morning hours.

I made a rocket trip up to the beach for the 4th of July weekend. I took Friday off as my company-sponsored holiday time and a few hours of carryover vacation to drive up there on Thursday. It was a wonderful weekend. Hectic but fun and full of socializing with all kinds of people. I live on The Planet Ann Arbor and I have my community here but I also have communities at Houghton Lake and Fin Family Moominbeach. Switching amongst the three of them is fun although it can be a challenge and sometimes I land back on the planet with a huge ka-whomp! Like yesterday. I got up yesterday morning on the beach and, after a few days of cold, sometimes ugly, windy weather, it seemed like a real honest to goodness Beach Day was in order. I took Green Guy home to sleep off all of his 4th of July partying with Froggy and then I sat in front of Radical Betty’s house for a few extra minutes just watching the day gain some altitude. The truth is, I could’ve used that day to just *sit* on the beach. All day. I didn’t. I probably could have taken the time off work but I am committed to the work I’ve fallen into at this late date in life. I love it and I love the beach and I was torn between the two. And so, clunkity-clunk down the I75 SUV Speedway, stopping at the Houghton Lake Group Home for internet and one flush and then on to the Planet Ann Arbor.

Four weeks and three days is a long time to be away from the beach in the summer. I am not sure this is a good summer to be away for so long. For now, my plans stand but we’ll see what I actually do…

One Response to “Four weeks plus three days”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The photo is great and so are the memories. I have never had to make the decision between work and vac like most people; I feel very spoiled.