Sticking my head outta the sand, at least for a bit

First of all, my cousin the mean old grunchie old grinchy dropped by this morning. He was a bit too late for coffee but we sat on the deck with him for quite a while. He and the GG discussed some of the usual crapola including airplanes powered by nuclear reactors. I think that’s what they were talking about. I don’t really understand a lot of that stuff.

So the Grinch was sitting on one side of me and the GG on the other. I can’t really describe the conversation except that the Grinchie was LOUD albeit not angry. They are on totally opposite sides of the political spectrum but they were not really arguing. I tried to some extent to figure out what they were talking about but mostly I just chilled out and read Twitter stuff like Ask Prudie, ocasionally fact checking some of the stuff they were talking about on Google. BTW: I am firmly on the Grinchy’s side when it comes to politics. I totally disagree with the GG. I can’t really talk politics with either of them 🐽

Late in the afternoon, the GG was taking a nap and I was hanging out on Bill’s Birch Point Beach Bank Bench when my childhood friend Kate walked by. I told her come on up and sit for a bit and so she did. So much fun to talk to her. We didn’t really get into politics but I suspect she agrees with me about a lot of things.

If you couldn’t guess, that’s Chainsaw Man there.

One Response to “Sticking my head outta the sand, at least for a bit”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t know who I agree with on politics these days. Not my brother and his family for sure. My mom, mostly. John, a lot. My kids? Ashley is more progressive than I am and Alison is a mystery.