A COVID coward puts her mask on and closes her bar tab

The original plan was for a beach urchin to come over and cook the eggplants I have in my refrigimatator. But. It was 70 degrees and sunny this afternoon and that plan changed a bit. Like moom let’s go to HOMES Brewery. And YES! I love HOMES and you can sit outside and I am COVID brave enough now to mask up long enough to go inside an establishment to put in an order. (I only saw two other masked bandits.)

So that was fun and I posted a pic on Instagram just to show the GG that I AM (REALLY) trying to dredge myself back up into interacting with the outside world. Well, it was fun until trivia night or whatever it was started. It got really crowded after a while and along with that came noise and chaos and I am not really ready for that yet, not to mention the long line I had to wait in to close out my tab. Why did I run a tab anyway? I should’ve known we would eat, have one drink, and vamoose back to The Landfill.

If we had only left 15 minutes earlier… But we were trying to gauge the traffic on Maple and then we got into a terribly interesting conversation about doing archaeological digs. At work I mean, not out in some field or desert or somebody’s back yard or whatever. But we might’ve missed some of the chaos and noise had we arrived at the restaurant 15 minutes earlier.

And then on the way home, both Twinz of Terror called. The UU was first so we were talking to him when the GG called. So we ignored the GG 🐽. It’s okay, I did call him when I got home. He has not had a shower in SEVEN days and it sounds like he can’t even stand his own smell. Was that TMI? He should get one tonight and hopefully he’ll find a laundromat too. And maybe we’ll need to get Mooon Yooonit detailed when he gets home?

Anyway, I love HOMES and this is the first time I’ve been there since you-know-when although I have gotten take-out a couple times. I’m glad it survived the pandemic and is thriving.

One Response to “A COVID coward puts her mask on and closes her bar tab”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I too will take some risk if I can eat/drink outside. But the crowds still do me in.