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The Lord High Muckity Muck

<ramble>Songbirds are one thing when I’m out walking at 0-dark-thirty. I don’t even mind the crows cawing. But I could’ve done without the cat fight. Not to mention that it got every dern dog in the neighborhood going. What on earth could’ve been going on? I’m sure Muksaslooie could’ve told me if he was still around. I was enjoying myself anyway. I love this kind of weather. It’s April and the precipitation that was hitting me in the face this morning stung a little bit. Ice. And then snow. Not enough to accumulate though. I went to Barry’s to meet up with Marci and Sari and had the presence of mind to decide I’d be better off ordering a decaf. We spent an hour or so solving the problems of the world and then I came home, finished off my chores and settled in to a long day of homework. That went okay for a while. The weather got windier and colder and uglier and along about noon I realized that I had a headache. Say what? I can’t remember the last time I had a headache. It was one of those sinus-y type things. Just one obnoxious little radiating pinpoint on one side of my head that seemed to be connected to that side of my nose somehow. My headaches always seem to be weather-related although I couldn’t tell you the exact weather conditions that cause them if I tried. Low barometric pressure maybe. Except most of the time that doesn’t bother me. So I dunno. I did actually manage to get quite a bit done today. Coding was the most successful with writing second and graphic design a distant third. I wonder what that means… I *dragged* myself out to walk this afternoon, not that I felt like walking or doing anything much at all at that point. I *forced* myself do it *anyway* and guess what? By about two thirds of the way around my route my headache was no longer front and center. And now I have no headache at all and I’m enjoying the weather again, which is snowflakes at the moment. Slog on.</ramble>

3 Responses to “mroOOOOWWWWWRR yyeeeooooowwwwl mroOOOOWWWWWR woof woof woof”

  1. Sam Says:

    Barometric/sinus headaches: no fun. Good idea to make yourself walk. My neighborhood trek this afternoon turned the day around for me, too! BTW, I visited the PI alley, and, yup, it’s bigger and healthier after last night’s rain. Found a homeless lady walking there, too, with her tall-boy. She said Jesus is her best friend. I continued on to the grocery store pondering that perspective on the world (so different from my own).

  2. jane Says:

    first of all — MIKE CAT! such a character from the past. sigh.

    second – there’s a good chance your headache was related to decaf, if you usually have caf. I know I get one if I don’t have real coffee.

  3. Sandy Says:

    Great picture of Mike Cat — a legend even in his own time. Somehow we always had rather large cats.