Armageddon Election Eve

As nervous as I am about this election day, I am not gonna even try to write about that. At least not any of the actual pollytickle contests. I will say that I vote exclusively “blue” these days but that’s because at this turbulent time in our country’s history, it is the “blue” folks who come across (to me) as more pragmatic and willing to seek out facts. In general that is, there are nutcases on both sides. Facts and common sense PLEASE.

Whoever you vote for, PLEASE remember that our election workers are trained citizens who care as much as you do about making sure our elections are fair. They are your friends and neighbors. They put their own political opinions aside as they manage the polls and try to process votes accurately. After all, they get to cast a vote too. Be polite and treat them kindly. Remember that those who are managing in-person polling sites are dealing with the “unwashed” public ALL DAY. Think about all the “Karens” they encounter. Also COVID is NOT over so they are still braving a risk of infection.

There is no evidence of voting fraud at the scale that would sway an election one way or another. I have my own little story about that. One I have told before. MANY years ago, I worked with a woman whose dad owned an apartment building in our city but lived in a satellite village. He was angry at something our city council did that affected his apartment building so he voted TWICE using his residential address and that of his rental building. Guess what? He got caught! How? Because election officials in one or both districts were diligently doing their jobs. One extra illegal vote is not NORMALLY enough to throw an election. It wouldn’t have in this case. But isn’t it great to have people trained to find those discrepancies?

Whoever you vote for, please vote, if you haven’t already. I did a few weeks ago. Oh yeah, and be patient. Given the election denial climate, it may take a while to count those votes. That’s not because people are waiting on truckloads of fake ballots to be delivered, it’s because our poll workers are being careful to make sure vote counts are accurate.

One Response to “Armageddon Election Eve”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The nonsensical blather, outright lies, threats, book banning, election denying, etc. coming from one political party have made me swing very hard in the other direction.