[don’t] take a knee

I am so glad “we” (our country) are not bickering about football players taking a knee any more. At least I don’t think we are but maybe I’ve missed something. I never had an issue with it. It seemed like a form of peaceful protest against some things our country doesn’t seem to “get”. Like people are people are people no matter what color they are and should therefore be treated as, well people.

It was/is a football Saturday and although I couldn’t care less about team sports, I do like the ambience of football Saturdays in our Big 10 town. I also don’t mind it on TV especially when the weather is bitterly cold like it is today.

So the GG walked down to the Big House and then (eventually) over to get porterized. I enjoyed my space-ification and used it to clean the refrigimatator and READ. The Marriage Portrait and having trouble putting it down.

Late in the afternoon, I received this pic. It is a requested xmas gift. The problem is (or was) what IS it? The instruction with the pic was something like, “pick it up soon to get the sale price.” Okay… WHERE do I “pick it up”? Turns out it was REI and there ain’t no way I was gonna drive over there to buy it. I mean, I can just order it online, roight? Like I’ve been doing with REI stuff for years, even before the pandemic. So, ordered. And yes he knows this. Why? Because he thought I would have to GO TO REI to get the sale price. No no no no no! I did talk him down off that ledge.

Whaddo I want for xmas? Well nothing really but I do have to provide some ideas because I always get asked. My answer THIS YEAR? Couch. Couch. Couch. Couch. Mid-century modern. Couch. And. This is a two-part request. 1) Couch. 2) GET RID OF THE OLD COUCH.

That would be the Green Couch. I didn’t want to adopt the Green Couch in the first place. But I made my peace with it. But now? After going on three years of telecommuting from it, I am done done done.

And by getting rid of it I don’t mean putting it down in the dungeon to further molder. I mean taking it outside, putting it in the trashmobile, and dumping it in an appropriate place.

2 Responses to “[don’t] take a knee”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You are a mid-century modern fan like Ashley! Hope Santa brings you a new couch and hauls the old one away. That book is by Maggie Farrell who also wrote “Hamnet!” We’re talking about reading it for Book Club. Good discussion book?

  2. Margaret Says:

    P.S. There are people I know who are boycotting professional football because of the kneeling thing. So, I don’t think it’s gone.