How many old laptops and iPhones can a couple of baggy old people hang on to and for how long? The latest flinging prodject has involved wiping old phones and laptops of everything and turning them into the local Apple Store.

I’m not sure how many of these devices have been flung. I’ve been staying outta the fray. One box went over to the Apple store this morning. They will salvage anything salvageable and recycle most anything that’s not. We hope they are doing all this anyway. They actually got excited about this old stuff, particularly an original iPad from 2010. There’s more to fling…

I’m not sure if any of the devices in the pic were in today’s box. Most likely none of them. This was taken at the moomincabin in 2003 or thereabouts and includes my original 12″ PowerBook and other devices belonging to my daughters, nieces, and The Commander. Mine was definitely a 2003 model. I opened up a New Yorker (dead tree version, now I read it on the internet) early that year and there was ad for it and I HAD TO HAVE one!

It would be PERFECT for my then “job”, which was youth theatre administrator and I was forever lugging big binders full of paper to theatres and rehearsal spaces all around town. I LUSTED after this thing. I figgered the GG would balk at letting me buy one (I didn’t get paid a lot then and we were into the college years) but I REALLY wanted a laptop for my “job”. In the end, The Commander bought me one. This is a long story involving an overheard conversation, an icy road delay, Guinea Pig, and a quick trip to kzoo to drop off my mouse to visit her sister. It’s probably the last time I let my mom buy me anything more expensive than lunch and believe me I pay it forward whenever I can.

Anyway, that’s where it all started. Eventually power books morphed into MacBooks and I have owned multiple ones over the years and umpteen bazillion iPhones, although I’ve been getting along with my last one for a few years, like since pre-COVID. I’m not sure the GG has ever bought a post-2003 laptop but he has adopted or repurposed a few of my old ones. He likes great big “mother ships” and if I get it right, we have two of those.

What we did not fling? Two Apple II+ computers from 1979. They still work. You can play Sticky Bear ABC and write little BASIC programs🤣

One Response to “MacFling”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Those Apple II computers are what we started with when I begin teaching. What a long way we’ve come! I’ve flung some of my old electronics but really need to get rid of my prehistoric desktop. I’m sure John could wipe it for me but it feels like such a loss to get rid of such a receptacle of so many memories. I’m such a dummy.