Rummaging and pacing at the command line

Ugh. Another great grey-green greasy limpopo day on The Planet Ann Arbor. It is not green because winter and it is not greasy because it isn’t warm enough to be greasy and there is no ice (yet), which can be greasy in its own way. I guess that leaves us with grey. Again.

So what did I do today? I knocked my iPhone off the bathroom counter. Yay me!!! It fell on the (ceramic?) tile. Although it landed on its back and has a case, the screen still cracked. The cracks are very light and it works just fine but I’m not sure how long I’m gonna wanna deal with reading through cracks. Putting my e-reader on dark mode (white text on black background) makes it better but still.

My phone is going on four years old. It’s an XS. Yes really. It replaced an identical model (the X) and I bought it because the battery on the X swelled up. I was at the moomincabin at the time and I got the ONLY iPhone in Sault Ste. Siberia. Buying that phone was a surreal experience but I won’t go there for now except that it was 2019 so definitely pre-COVID. Face masks were nowhere near my radar screen at that time and I didn’t think ANYTHING of walking into a store bare faced. Remember those days? 🐽

The last time I cracked an iPhone screen was a looooong time ago. We drove the Frog Hopper halfway across the state to pick up the Lyme Lounge from the Uncly Uncle, who had been using it at a family event in Indiana. We parked to wait for him, I got out of the car and dropped it FACE DOWN onto gravel. Okay, not fun.

Live and learn? Knock on wood, it has been a LOOOOOONG time since my laptop has taken a drink. My CURRENT laptop has NEVER taken a drink (knock on wood). I also think that all of this stuff is at least a LITTLE more water-resistant than it used to be. My previous laptop’s track pad went nuts if it encountered even ONE MOLECULE of liquid. I am careful with this one but have had NO incidents. Knock on wood.

So even though my phone works fine (knock on wood) I am thinking about getting a new one.

Photo credit to my mouse who is on a rocket trip to South Carolina. This is 40-acre Rock.

One Response to “Rummaging and pacing at the command line”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I dropped my iPhone several times onto concrete because I tripped over at the kids’ house while stepping off the deck stair. I now have a new screen protector (guaranteed for life) and although my other screen looked trashed, it was actually the protector that sacrificed itself on my behalf. I like (don’t love) my Iphone 12 Pro; I miss the home button.