Alien encounter

Actually I’ve been noodling about classified documents and how they are handled. I’ll try to keep this non-political although it’s hard for me to do when the Orange Baboon is involved.

When TFG was caught with classified documents in his personal residence, I was ticked off. Especially since he engaged in his typical toddler behavior to try to excuse himself from any and all wrong-doing. Then Biden was caught with documents. Today Pence was caught with some. I believe the latter two are not acting like big orange toddlers and are complying.

But then I put my systems analyst hat on and came to the realization that a big problem here is probably the process and policies for handling classified documents. How many other ex-prez-type folks have classified documents floating around their homes? Obama maybe? What about Dubya? Or Clinton? Did George Washington keep some? I bet they all have them although I think we can excuse George Washington at this point.

Working for the online banking industry I have to do online training courses multiple times a year about (among other things) handling sensitive documents. The documents folks in my company handle are not the same as those our nation’s leaders but they are important. I actually have it all down pat, even though since I do not interact with clients, I don’t HANDLE sensitive documents. As a UX designer, I fake EVERYTHING. For example, if I had to mock up a web page with a social security number, it would be 000-00-0000. I don’t deal with SSNs so that’s just an example.

The point being is that my employer takes information security very seriously. Does our government? If so, are there policies in place to ensure that classified documents don’t leave the office when the elected official leaves? Who is responsible for ensuring that these documents are handled correctly? We can’t really expect a president to scrutinize each individual document when they are moving out after their term ends, especially not TFG who was known for tearing up papers and throwing them on the floor. I think there need to be CLEAR policies and easy processes to follow to protect classified documents. I am guessing we don’t currently have either of those. I also wonder how many of these documents really need to be classified. Are there policies for that? Easily accessible policies that is.

Hey, Alien Encounter! Mr. Golden Sun ALL DAY TODAY. Things are predicted to go downhill tomorrow and Cygnus has been alerting me about that for the last couple days. She’s also been alerting me that I’m low on veeensheeeld viper fluid, which is a lot more useful than a winter storm warning.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    This document issue is becoming ridiculous (and frightening) but TFG’s situation is definitely more serious since they had to get warrants to get any of the numerous documents he deliberately made off with.