Waning gibbous

Because around here you have to take photoooos of astronomical objects when you can actually seeee them.

I was walking back through the schoolyard this morning when I got this. I got another pic but although it was maybe more interesting, I decided not to post it. When I entered the schoolyard, I heard sirens somewhere. I couldn’t tell where. I mean this is a city if a small one and there are always sirens. It also didn’t sound really urgent like the sirens I heard years ago when one of the low-rent apartments across Maple was burning and if I remember correctly, a child was rescued. You could tell by the sounds of the sirens and horns that they were in a hurry and meant business. I met with one of my young reading partners at the school later that morning and I dunno how that subject came up (I did NOT bring it up) but I was happy to be able to tell her there was a good ending.

So when I got around the corner of the back of the school I realized that the whole side of one of the houses that back up to the south side of the school fence was flashing red! It wasn’t on fire, it was reflecting some sort of emergency vee-hickle parked in the street (which I couldn’t see). So I guess someone was not have a great start to their day. I do hope it improved.

Mine was fine except that I texted the GG to pick up some wrap sandwiches from Plum on his way back from breakfast with the UU. They were walking and the restaurant is across the parking lot from the store. Of COURSE The King of Cryptic Text Messages did not look at his texts so he came home empty-handed. He did STOP at the Plum where a certain bunch of folks were all excited about the Twinz. He redeemed himself by making a separate trip over there later. This time he came home with wraps and shrimp-fried rice from Panda House, which is also near the Plum.

Plenty of excitement, right? 💩💩💩

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Same here! When it’s clear, we take photos of mountains and moons and such. I live near a fire station so there are often emergency vehicles rushing around.