“Howya doin’ hotcakes?”

When the GG answers the phone with this, I always wonder something like, “Which hotcakes is he talking to?” Is it one of his daughters, one of his three living sisters, one of his umpteen-bazillion nieces and great-nieces, or one of his girlfriends? And by girlfriends I mostly mean the North Country Trail gals. I’m not really worried about him having an actual GIRLFRIEND of the kind you might be thinking of.

Tonight it turned out to be one of our Colorado nieces and her youngest daughter (she has three). The story is that we have a stuffed mouse called Softy Beanbag. She was gifted to our mouse (country one) as a young child. Softy was enthusiastically adopted and shortly thereafter dressed in a doll outfit complete with a pair of stretchy lace long-leg panties 🤣

When our niece drove across the country with her girls last summer, they spent a night at The Landfill. When they pulled into our unfamiliar driveway after three days on the road, the youngest was really reluctant to get out of the car and I don’t blame her. Where the heck am I and who are these people? The GG sprung into action. He ran into the house, came back with Softy Beanbag, and nestled her into the little girl’s arms saying, “She needs a MOUSE!”

Yes. That did the trick. The problem became that this little girl REALLY wanted to take Softy Beanbag home forever. Who wouldn’t? That wasn’t gonna work but by the time they went home, after a few weeks of gallivanting around visiting Great Lake State relatives, we didn’t really hear about it again.

But. There is eBay! Lizard Breath figured out some search terms for the mouse. The GG has been searching off and on for months for a copy. Suddenly one day a Softy Beanbag popped up! He ordered her and sent her to Colorado and she arrived there today and is a great success! No clothes but maybe that doesn’t matter. Smart kiddo that she is I doubt she has a photographic memory.

I posted this pic a while back when we got the new Softy but just now noticed the GG’s eyes in the background (picture frame). The original Softy is on the left.

One Response to ““Howya doin’ hotcakes?””

  1. Margaret Says:

    What a heartwarming story! I love that a duplicate was found. A happy ending!