Peace sign? Peace sign?

froggy2I think it was NPJane. Another Dirty Old Green Blue Honda Accord. Same vintage and almost identical to mine except there was a peace sign on it. It was going north on N. Maple by the Dexter/Maple intersection and it honked at the saggy old Limpopo bag with a Plum Market bag slung over her shoulder. (Hey, I may be saggy but I am most certainly *not* gray-green greasy!) I was thinking, “peace sign, peace sign, peace sign… I’ve seen that peace sign on a Honda before. Who is it?” It took me two blocks to figger it out. Am I right? Huh?

I was over at the Plum Market because of, “what am I gonna cook tonight? The refrigerator seems like it’s full but I don’t know what to cook.” Ad infinitum, ad nauseam. It is full partly because of my mismanagement but also because there is a young adult living at home for now and sometimes she eats with us and sometimes not. And so she buys her own food and that’s okay with me. Actually, truth be told, she probably eats healthier food than we do, more fruits and vegetables and not as much meat. Today I did the adult version of “my brain is going around and around and it won’t stop”. Honestly, it is MUCH cuter when a 5-year-old does it. It is just plain spastic when a saggy old bag does it. But eventually, my brain stopped on spaghetti! Vegetarian (lots of peppers and mushrooms are the key here). And we’ll use vermicelli for the noodles because that’s what I *have* here. Or maybe we’ll use some rotelle or farfalle, I do have some of that too. Hmm…

I can’t believe I actually asked my boss if he would beat somebody up today. I didn’t really mean it and I didn’t have a specific person in mind, just that somebody somewhere has decided on a standard format for a certain type of document and that particular format makes the nastiest Word document on earth and I have to work on one of these beasts and I am at 206 pages and counting right now and I keep getting lost in the blasted document because there’s no way Word can make a meaningful document map with the mish-mash of styles that are being generated by this particular document. But really it’s okay because if I didn’t have this mess to work on, I would probably be in a bit of a slow period and that is not a good place to be in the summer. A couple weeks before a vacation or whatever you want to call that. This is 80% grunt work and 20% creative work and that is about what my brain can handle at the moment.

And there’s yer daily dose o’ blather! Cheers!
Kayak Woman

P.S. I hope that bee-yooty-ful froog doesn’t freak anyone out.

2 Responses to “Peace sign? Peace sign?”

  1. jane Says:

    yes, that was NPJane in the dirty Honda with the peace sign, except it’s blue, not green. although in certain light it does look kind of green. but it’s blue. ‘mystic blue pearl.’

    dinner – I have also decided on pasta. with pesto. I suppose I should go heat some water to get this party started….

  2. Margaret Says:

    The frog is very pretty! Sometimes it’s very nice to NOT have to be creative.