Clickety clickety clickety clickety swipe tap tap

The GG is gently pushing the beach urchins to get some of their lingering belongings out of the Landfill. Getting rid of things is hard for EVERYONE in our family! I “get” the Marie Kondo philosophy but I have trouble deploying it.

Progress was made today but people (all of us) were a bit exhausted by the process and there really wasn’t all that much to go through! This is one of the few items that is a keeper. This is the back of the shirt. There is a MANATEE on the front! We aren’t exactly sure why “I like cheese” and a mouse are on the back. Well, except that a MOUSE drew the pictures and wrote the text. And why does the letter H make up the mouse’s legs and a lot of the letter parts (embiggen if you care). Possibly(?) the H stands for our elementary school (Haisley) but we do not really know.

When the first beach urchin arrived this afternoon, she proclaimed that the Landfill smelled like FISH! She is not crazy about fish. She emulates her maternal grandfather in that preference or lack thereof. Well. Fish? I did saute some scallops last night but scallops aren’t really fishy smelling. Then I spied the bowl of red onions that I had cut up this morning and left raw with a cover over them. Hmmmm. Well, maybe it was actually an onion smell, said the urchin. Yes.

I chased the onion smell out via tonight’s lamb stew. The onions were destined for the stew and once that stuff started a-bubblin’, the odious smell went away.

The title? A rhythmical rendition of how I buy a lot of things.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I need to have that same talk with my daughters.