The woodpecker WILL wake you up!

The GG has been working on a landfill prodject this week. Unfortunately it is not a “take things to the landfill (or wherever)” prodject. Fortunately it has restored some crappy old rotten peckerwood from the box that surrounds our faaaarplace chimney.

For a few years when the beach urchins were young, a particularly assertive woodpecker discovered our metal chimney and woke up everyone in the house when the sun came up by pecking on the chimney and continued on and off throughout the day. Apparently this is not unusual behavior. It scared the beejeebus outta the beach urchins until the GG captured a picture of the offender and showed them that it was just a silly old bird.

The grandparents were another matter. When they would visit, they slept on our fold-out couch in the “back room” where the faaaarplace is located. They visited during a period of woodpecker metal chimney drilling and I warned them that they would be awakened when the woodpecker started, uh, pecking. The Comm said, “Oh no, it won’t wake us up.” I had to say, “Moom, the woodpecker WILL wake you up.” And it did. Note that I KNOW I’ve told these stories multiple times in this space of blather. I am NOT senile.

The metal chimney peckerwood died (I guess) a long time ago but we still get peckerwoods and they have made a mess of our siding back there over the years. Add that to the general neglect of our house’s siding, and it was PAST time to do a replacement. So that’s what the GG did this week and the pic is what our faaaarplace and chimney looked like from the back this morning, unprotected by its “box”.

A horrible note to end on but the GG is on a zoom call with his North Country Trail chapter and they were talking about MULTIPLE instances of people getting on the I75 SUV Speedway GOING THE WRONG WAY! One incident resulted in a tragedy. But then, I guess I haven’t ended because later on the GG was noisily eating dorito-type chips and crackling the bag like crazy and was called out for it. Why did he not mute himself? I do not know🤣🤣🤣

P.S. “You Peckerwood” was one of the names my dad called The Comm late in his life. I’m not sure exactly what it meant or whether there was a NSFW component to it. I suspect so but I’m kinda glad I don’t know. I’m not even sure The Comm knew.

One Response to “The woodpecker WILL wake you up!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    John has some kind of woodpecker at his house that he keeps trying to scare off. Not sure it’s working. I think it’s called a flicker?