The things we do for love

FlaMan needs 10 bags of Fritos? The ORIGINAL kind thank you veddy much? Okay, he’s got ’em via my 7:00 AM dash to the Jackson Rd. Meijer. Actually he doesn’t have them yet but someday hopefully soon, the GG will space-i-fy me and make a delivery trip. I am always happy to provide FlaMan with whatever he’s a-hankerin’ for, even a nose hair trimmer and that is all I will say about that😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

I still make grock runs as early as possible. When the store opens. Although Meijer is open before 7:00, I just wait until then to shop there. It isn’t really about COVID any more although I still mask. My personal grock workers mask and I stand in solidarity with them. It isn’t over and essential workers are more vulnerable than the rest of us since they have unmasked folks up in their face all day long. COVID or not, it is soooo much easier to shop earlier. No one is in the store (except on Mother’s Day🐽) and traffic is not an issue. That said, if I neeeeed something I am comfortable shopping at any time of the day. I’m still not crazy about the mall but that predates COVID.

And so it is Friday night and we ate tamale pie and got porterzoomed and I am done done done. G’night. An Outlander episode tonight and farmers market and Plum in the morning.

Love y’all, KW

One Response to “The things we do for love”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I would definitely ask for Doritos (not hot ones) over Fritos but to each his/her own! I’m still doing pick up although I go briefly into the store for prescriptions. I’m still trying to avoid Covid if I can!