DIY (or not)

So the well guys got here today and we now have uninterrupted water from our own well. Guess how long it took them to fix our issue. Five minutes maybe? As they were leaving and I was potting impatiens, I had to ask if it was really done. Yes. I told them that we’d been having issues for maybe five years. They laughed and said to call them any time. DIY is great when it works and it did work when the GG fixed the Lyme Lounge wheels (or whatever) last week. Not so much with the well although to be fair, he didn’t attempt that repair.

Anyway, the story with the well folks didn’t quite end there. The GG asked them where they were from. They gave the easy answer which was Rudyard. But then they said, “Actually we’re from Fibre.” Well. We know where Fibre is. I was driven through Fibre many times as a child when my family took Sunday drives and the GG and I have driven through Fibre in recent years. There really isn’t anything in Fibre. A railroad track runs through and the remains of a store exist. Nothing like a main street although there are farms and houses WIDELY scattered throughout the area.

So back when the GG was still gainfully employed, a new person was employed at his work. He detected a bit of a yooperland accent to her speech and asked where she had lived before moving to Ann Arbor. She told him he was unlikely to have ever heard of her “town” but when pressed, she told him Fibre. His response was, “So you know Marilyn.” Yes. Marilyn is a North Country Trail friend of ours.

So the GG was telling the well guys the story about the woman he worked with and when he got to the “Marilyn” part, one of the guys said, “She’s my grandma.” Small world.

P.S. This morning I had the best shower I’ve had in years here at the moomincabin via the hose hookup from the Old Cabin. No interruptions in water flow. Thanks youz guyz.

2 Responses to “DIY (or not)”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Last year, we ‘Fibred’ after leaving Rudyard on our way to the Niagara escarpment. The town does not last long when you’re traveling through it…

  2. Margaret Says:

    That is truly a small world! Glad for the repair and lovely shower.