Black Thumb Banana

Banana was one of my childhood nicknames. I tolerated it for the most part. Nicknames can be annoying when some people use them but tolerable when others do. I never minded when The Engineer (my brother) called me Banana. I almost NEVER liked “Annie” (my brother didn’t EVER call me that). I am “Anne-with-an-e”, not “Annie”. Still I tolerated that from a few people. (I don’t actually like my actual NAME very well but that would be a whole ‘nother story.)

I tacked on “Black Thumb” to Banana as an adult and homeowner because I kill every single blasted living plant I am entrusted to care for. I just don’t understand plants.

So I did NOT grow these peas. But I sure like shelling them. It is a zen activity to me. Last week no one had them at the farmers market or maybe I couldn’t find them. It happens. I found one vendor with sugar snap peas. I find sugar snaps kind of stringy although a lot of people love them. To each his own. Today there were multiple vendors with shelling peas. I bought four quarts today from the first vendor I saw and I will be buying more until the pea season is over. We’ll eat some right away and freeze the rest.

After the farmers market I decided to fill Cygnus up with gas. It was just after 7:00 AM so I knew the Speedway on my way home would not be busy with lorries everywhere like it sometimes is and I was right! It wasn’t busy but it was funny! Just after I got out of Cygnus to start pumping, a Black guy roared in on a fancy motor-sickle (not a pickle 🤣) with a sound system that BLARED raunchy rap the whole time he was filling up. It was LOUD and quite the change from the quiet jazz I had rolling along in Cygnus. It obviously takes longer to fill up Cygnus than a motor-sickle so he took off before I was finished, blazing off up N. Maple, music still blaring, heading for Huron River Drive I’m gonna guess. He seemed to be loving life albeit for very different reasons than I was, he being off to motor-sickle adventures and me to quietly shell peas in my backyard. So I gave him a silent salute. Have a good day sir.

“I don’t want a pickle. Just wanna ride my motor-sickle.” – Arlo Guthrie

One Response to “Black Thumb Banana”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate loud music of any kind! Ugh. We called my cousin Jana Jana Banana and Jana Bandanna. I’m sure she wasn’t a fan of the nickname either.