[fuzzy] “blue” moon

Since the seas were calm tonight, we took an evening bote ride to look at the moon. The “intruders” at the end of the beach had a faaaar going and after our uber slow cruise out around the island, we headed straight for the faaaar and this is the fuzzy version my ancient iPhone got.

When we got close in, some other lights came on. Kinda looked like spotlights. The GG wondered what they were. I opined that they were trained on US to see what we were doing. Did they know that my grandfather and a couple of his friends bought this beach 100 years ago or so? No I’m sure they did not. And actually granddaddy did NOT own that end of the beach although he was able to keep people out of it for many many years and so were we. It’s a long story but the upshot is something like tough shit.

Anyway for whatever reason, the GG turned the motor bote and we moseyed back down along the beach to the moomincabin.

In happier memories… Back when there were no SODding idjits at the end of the beach, a whole bunch of us FinFam folks loaded up into a big old canoe and headed out into the lake to watch a full moon rise. Kinda like tonight. We were way out past the second sandbar when we noticed a SWIMMER coming along, trying to catch up with us. It was my dog Tigger. The water was WAAAAAY over her head. At 12-13 feet, it was way over everyone’s head. She was a good swimmer (part retriever) but this was a little scary. There was no way we could get her into the canoe so we turned around back into shore and of course she followed.

One Response to “[fuzzy] “blue” moon”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I didn’t even try for any photos–all mine turn out to be unimpressive. Love the reflected light on the water!