This guy

He wanted me to deal with the debris in the Landfill front living room. It was hard but I did it. So hard to combine all the stuff I hauled back from the moomincabin to the Landfill. That was my main task today and I did it.

And then I poured myself a glass of whine and sat out in the back yard reading “Dust”, the third in the Silos trilogy. Dystopian sci-fi kinda stuff. Right up my alley.

Lamb stew tonight, farmers market early this morning. As I was approaching Cygnus after the farmers market, a young man tried to approach me with “Ma’am do you have five dollars”. Nope. Of course I did have five dollars (more like $140) but I skedaddled into Cygnus and took off. I don’t know if the young man really needed money (probably) but it is not my job to randomly give cash to whoever asks me for it in a parking lot.

One Response to “This guy”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I loved that series and didn’t expect to! I’m not too sure how I feel about the TV adaptation though.