Facebook served up a decent “memory” today. It is a view from Cubelandia’s nature trail from 10 years ago. Those trees in mid photo don’t really look elephantine in this pic but if I could get them at the right angle, it looked like a couple of elephants walking along. I miss the nature trails there although long before the end of my days of slogging over to an office to work, they were not well maintained and TICKS (yick) were a problem.

Thinking about wedding/baby showers, etc., no I do not like to play the games. One of the reasons is that I do not want to win! As wonderful as shower swag can be, at this stage of life, I am trying to get rid of stuff.

When I was very young and I went to showers for people who (usually but not always) weren’t really old enough and/or prepared for marriage and children, the main game we used to play was to put the bride’s and groom’s first names at the top of a piece of paper. The game was that everyone had to make as many words out of those letters as possible. As you might guess, The Brain of Lincoln School (meeee, but I HATED that nickname), always won… And nowadays we have the NYT Spelling Bee? Why am I good at that? Duh. Although I am one word, nu7, down from Queen Bee today. DON’T TELL ME!

Shower games are different nowadays and it’s pretty easy to be a non-participant without attracting attention. The Shoe Game (google it) was actually kinda fun although I was a side-liner. I know the bride pretty darn well but I don’t know everything about her. I hardly know her fiance although he reminded us yesterday that he had crashed out on the moomincouch last summer in his sweats. Oh yes, he fits in with our cousin-y branch of his bride’s fam. As Lizard Breath pointed out, our young cousin is very social but she probably wasn’t crazy about sitting in the middle of the room back to back with her husband-to-be holding up a shoe to answer questions. Still, it wasn’t bad and these functions are for the young folks who are getting married and their young friends.

My fave shower ever was our for the surprise baby of our oldest nephew and his wife. Their (wonderful) story is not appropriate for me to tell on my blahg but I LOVED that people were encouraged to NOT wrap whatever gifts they brought to the shower. Those gifts were displayed on a table for people to ogle over if they wanted to or we could just sit, eat, drink, and gossip.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t like the games either although many of them are quite cute and creative. I’m an old fuddy duddy. Like you, I don’t want to win anything!