When the world was beautiful, right?

This is September 2019 and we are at the moomincabin and I *think* it’s Lizard Breath out there swimming. I could search my blahg database to find out for sure but I can’t think what the data base file name is offhand so not gonna break my brain.

We were so innocent in 2019. Covid was not on the horizon. Back in 2003 the SARS virus derailed a middle school trip to Toronto that MMCB1 was scheduled to chaperone. That trip got changed to DETROIT (yes, really) because of the SARS virus, a relative of COVID-19 if I have it right. We were rolling our eyes at that. People were being warned not to travel to Toronto but it didn’t seem to be very transmissable and nobody (that I can remember) was talking about masking or closing the borders. Little did we know.

So it was how many months after September 2019 that we started to hear of the novel coronavirus “coming out of” China? Was it November or December? It crept closer and closer throughout January and by mid-February I remember being nervous about our annual trip to Tahquamenon with group lodging and restaurants. I still remember a whole bunch of us crowding around a table at the Camp 33 Tahquamenon Falls Brewery.

After that there were a few more outings, (Griz, Knight’s) like is this really happening? I voted (nervously) in person (for Dark Brandon!) in the Michigan March primary on a Tuesday. Two days later I was sent home to telecommute forever (and I’m still doing that). My last in-person grock trips were freaky. For the first time in my life, I wiped down my cart before touching it. Really the best thing to do would be to wear a mask but we didn’t know that then. Then my grock worker said, “Moom, you’ll probably be fine but you really shouldn’t be in grocery stores.” Yes.

That was then. Things are not as scary now but covid is still around. One friend was out of town last week (helping an older relative in Fla) while her husband had lunch with friends who subsequently tested positive. Fortunately he tested negative. Another couple we know went to a significant reunion and now HAVE covid (maybe for the second time but I’ve lost track). I did not attend my equivalent significant reunion a year ago and it also turned out to be a super spreader.

After attending a wedding shower on Sunday… Small basement room, pretty well packed, sitting at a table with Liz and about five or six strangers, no one masked. There is NO WAY I could have missed this shower so I braved it. I have no symptoms. Knock on wood.

One Response to “Pre-pandemic”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It seemed like such an innocent (naive?) time when we felt invincible on many fronts–modern medicine and all that. I ordered more KN95s, just to have around for this latest surge and for whatever is coming next. Ugh.