I was schlepping a load of laundry down to the Landfill Dungeon early this morning. The Dungeon is ALWAYS as black as the ace of spades. I got down to the bottom of the stairs and I turned left and left into the storage/laundry room. Yiiiiy! There was something all lit up orange over on the shelves. For a split second I thought faaaarr (because orange) but then I realized it was ‘lectric Jack and the GG must’ve turned him on last night just to yank my chain.

We took a beautiful slow ride on slow roads southwest of town today and when we got back, the GG watched the Lions win (for a change). At some point a beach urchin texted to ask if she could come over for a ‘hattan. OF COURSE! So we did that. It was not all that warm out but we managed to hang out in the back yard in the lee of the landfill where we were at least not in the wind.

I think I am about done with this for the night. I think I have managed to discourage the GG from thinking I-E-I-E-I need to IRON all of the moomincabin curtains that I schlepped down here and washed a few weeks ago. Ironing them would require me to hang out in the Landfill Dungeon for too long a time. I hate it down there. Did I mention it’s dark? I don’t think the curtains are all that wrinkled and if they are, we can iron them at the moomincabin next summer. Or just hang them up. Since they are almost always shoved over to the sides, no one can see if they are wrinkled or not. C’mon. Nobody cares. Not even The Commander…

One Response to “EEEEEEK!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My days of ironing are over! (I hope) That looks like the lit Jack o-Lantern that I used to have. It died and was never replaced.