Night mode

I got this interesting photo (at least I think it is) last night with my iPhone 15. I figured out that it is “night mode”, which is new but not new. I don’t *think* it is new for the iPhone cam but it is new for *me* for the iPhone cam. But it is not really *new* to me because my last Canon digital SLR had it. I used it to snap The Indefatigable (Jeep Wrangler that we had for 17 years) the night some of the GG’s EPA buddies came over to tow it away to its new home.

I’m not sure what I can do with “night mode”. This was just a lucky point-and-shoot. But maaaaaybeeee this weekend I will look around on the google to see if there are free tutorials. In between picking away at cleaning/flinging and knitting dish cloths. Yes, really.

So yesterday, I was talking about sunscreen (among other things). At the end of this summer, I was picking away at moomincabin closing chores when I spied a cardboard shoebox lid in the bathroom linen “closet” with two *ancient* bottles of sunscreen in it. (The Comm used shoebox lids to organize things in drawers, etc.) I stood there for a minute wondering how long they had been there. Could The Comm have actually bought them? And then I started plotting about how to sneak them into the garbage without having to have a long conversation with someone who thought they might still be good or something.

A beach urchin was there and had plans to uber-clean the bathroom. I clean bathrooms regularly but this kiddo makes them SPARKLE and I am always excited when she lends a hand. I was surprised and greatly relieved when the beach urchin said something like, “Moom, whaddya think about these sunscreens? Should we get rid of them?” YES YES YES YES YES!

When I was a kid, we had Sea and Ski. That was it. It was not really all that pleasant, kinda sticky or whatever. Throughout the years other products have come on and off the market and I have not found one I like. It used to be a good idea to keep sunscreen at the moomin but nowadays I think everyone who visits likes to bring their own. So we threw them out and good riddance. I mean, everything freezes solid during the winter so I wonder how many times the contents of those bottles have done that.

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