Ugh (don’t worry, it’s just a first world 1% problem)

Disclaimer: I am NOT a 1-percenter. But my problem today pales in the face of what many other people are facing in the world, today and every day.

First and foremost. When we bought our new couch last winter. It replaced The Green Couch, an at least 90-year-old couch from our Early In-law Decor Period, which we are still in, at least minorly. I hate to shop for furniture (delete long rant) so the Twinz of Terror did my shopping for me via facetime or whatever. I have had the couch since last March or whenever and it is a wonderful success. The Twinz also scoped out a table that I could use as a small desk. This isn’t a great picture but It has USB ports and luckyshuckial outlets. It wasn’t available when we bought the couch but it is now a wonderful gift from my husband’s identical twin and his wife. Those are my co-workers there, Turnstyle, Softy, Froggy and Frogette, Grinchie, and maybe Bucky Beaver.

So the first world problem was that a Windows upgrade has been looming for my work laptop. Today was a pretty gorgeous day and I was hoping to hang outside in the back yard at the end of my work day. I’m not exactly sure how this all happened but I accepted the upgrade at the end of my work day today. It took an HOUR. Instead of hanging out in the back yard, I spent an hour baby-sitting my windows upgrade. Couldn’t even unplug it to move it. The good news is that it finished without a problem. I think… We’ll see what happens when I open it up tomorrow.

Gratuitous shots of the web app I design for my living (foreground, on the laptop) and the blue and only bathroom (background).

One Response to “Ugh (don’t worry, it’s just a first world 1% problem)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a perfect size table with all the amenities. Such a thoughtful gift! I hate updates since they seem to mess up too many other things.