Not safe for work

bathtimeDo y’all know how long I’ve been looking for this photographic evidence of the infamous Two-Year-Old Summer? The summer that three families were sharing the Old Cabin and there were reportedly about three beach days all summer? Yes, fun. Different parenting styles, anyone?

It has been a long rather chaotic day here at the Landfill as Mouse and I try to shoehorn all of the stuff she had in her apartment into appropriate storage spots here. This is a tricky business even on a good day when rational people are involved. But some of us around here can be anything but rational and most of us are skirting dangerously around the edges of obsessive-compulsive hoarding syndrome or whatever you want to call it. I have spent the last couple years s-l-o-w-l-y digging this place out and I was just getting the point where I could actually see from one end of the basement to the other (hello down theeeeerrrrrrreeeee!!!!!) and so it is psychologically difficult for me now to have to shoehorn a whole bunch of stuff back into my house. And just to add to the fun, we seem to have trap-resistant rodents running amok and a rather large, obnoxious green froog “helping” with all of this. Grok Grok. I am green with a bit o’ perpel about th’ edges if ya don’t say, ‘n’ if it wernt fer me, nuthin’ wud be gittin’ dun. grok grok grok.

In between boxing things up and cleaning everything in every drawer and cupboard in which I found rodent crap and doing about a billion loads of laundry and vacuuming the basement utility room floor and running out for boxes and bubble wrap and mailing tape (separate errands, don’tcha know because we love to waste petrol here), I was working on a slide scanning prodject. I have about umpteen gazillion slides to scan and the difficult thing about scanning slides around here is that there is only one scanner that will scan slides and I can only get that scanner to talk to the GG’s big old iMac and that thing is stationary, so I have to scan *each* slide individually, so… So, that involves either a lot of sitting around w-a-i-t-i-n-g for the scanner to do its business or a lot of hopping around telling the scanner to scan yet another slide, then jumping up and doing a quick bit of a chore. I dunno, maybe not the worst thing for someone with undiagnosed adult-onset Adhd or whatever it is that has my addled brain in its grip.

Whew! I think we have made *some* progress around here but it’s hard to tell just yet. The Two-Year-Old Summer? I found the picture I’ve been looking for all these years and there it is, a picture from that summer with my two “cuzzints” who are my age (Pooh and Uber Kayak Woman) and me. I have some very vague memories of that summer but I don’t remember anything about being taught to climb out of my crib by UKW or the infamous refrigerator cleaning episode during which raw eggs were punched open among other dastardly deeds. That’s all I’m gonna say for now. I am still working on my scanning prodject and my house is still a rodent-infested disaster with no white tornado in sight. And if you think *this* photo is not work-safe, all I’m gonna say is that apparently UKW preferred to swim au naturale when she was two. And maybe still? Oh that we were all as happy and innocent as we were then, even though we were not always…

4 Responses to “Not safe for work”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Nice green sentence! I got my house sort of cleaned up and then both kids came home(Ashley is in and out) but they do drag lots of *stuff* with them and there’s no place to put it. EEK. It disrupts my sense of order. Which one are you of the three? ( I think the one in the middle–don’t hate me if I’m wrong!)

  2. Jay Says:

    I love how much Pooh looks like Pooh (herself that is). Too bad I wasn’t around to enjoy the infamous summer.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    To be clear for those who don’t know us, it’s Pooh, Uber Kayak Woman, and me. I’m the blonde, speak slowly, please. I have always admired my two same-age cousins. They are both uber-intelligent and beautiful. And Jay is Pooh’s younger sis and and she really wasn’t quite around for the 2-year-old summer. We love her anyway!!!

  4. isa Says:

    Soaking the sand out?