My rant about return-to-work orders fell a little short. Of course there are plenty of people who can’t do their jobs remotely. There are also folks who prefer to work in an office with other people around. I support both and appreciated your constructive comments 🧡

There are huge, extremely complex issues surrounding who works where and I don’t know it all. My current rather narrow concern is those companies that warmly embraced telecommuting during the early scary covid days and are now trying to force people back into offices, at least a few days a week. I believe that if people are productive and work is getting done, it should be a *choice* to return to the office.

Speaking of productivity? I have not been productive at all today although by the noon hour I was totally exhausted. Why? Because this morning, I booted up my laptop, checked my email, opened up a couple of documents I planned to work on. And. The GG came into the front room and we were talking about feral cats (one of the perennial hot-button issues on Next Door Neighbor) and watching a guy drive a riding lawnmower down the sidewalk. And… My laptop went black. Thinking I had been gabbing long enough for it to go to sleep, I hit return to wake it up. NOTHING. Doing a hard reboot was not helpful.

The GG can’t resist a mechanical/electronic problem to solve so he swung into action with a voltage meter and I dunno what other tools. In the end, he decided that there was a POSSIBILITY that it was the power supply. I phoned into the daily stand-up and a co-worker found a spare power supply at her home in a nearby satellite city. So I drove down there to pick it up. It was good to see her and we gnoffed at our work-from-home clothing. Alas, no love from the power supply.

Next step? File a support ticket. If you can. What did I try? Calling. Long wait times. iPhone app (new, not installed on my phone). Got the dern thing installed but not completely set up because of numerous continuous loops and other user interface weirdness I couldn’t get past. We won’t talk about how many times I had to log in or how many times I fat-fingered my pw and security code. Finally I wondered if I could get to the app on my MacBook Pro, which used to not be able to talk to my company at all. And… Voila! I have a support ticket. Nevertheless, SHE PERSISTED!

And so I wait. And didn’t I say just the other day (about a small work-related success), “Pride goeth before a fall?” 🐽

One Response to “Complexities”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Younger Daughter started back to work Monday and couldn’t log in. She spent numerous hours on the phone trying to figure it all out. Then the place where she logs her hours didn’t recognize her. Welcome back?! Good for you for problem solving and persisting. I tend to get frustrated and give up in too many of those situations. Not for work of course where I didn’t have much of a choice.