Darn, this means I have to get back to work

That’s what I said to the Fedex guy when he handed me my new laptop this morning.

Before that I made two grock runs. The first to Meijer for Halloween candy, which I knew if I didn’t buy it TODAY, nobody would have it. Why did I procrastinate about that? I do not know. It was still pitch black when I got back from the first grock run and the sun was just coming up when I made my second run, to Plum because Meijer didn’t have the exact form factor of chicken thighs I needed. Meijer also didn’t have the toilet bowl cleaner I use so I ordered that from Amazon.

It may be exciting to many to get a new laptop but I always brace myself. First, I followed my support gal’s instructions and everything looked fine but then… I got a message that “they” were setting things up for me. “This might take a few minutes. Don’t turn off your computer.” A few minutes to me is 3-5 or thereabouts. How about TWO HOURS? Two hours of nothing but Black Screen. I tried not to panic and eventually, something pinged. I received a text message at the same time as the ping and even though I almost NEVER have my phone sound on, it took me a minute to realize that it came from my LAPTOP. Okay then, something is happening even though I can’t see what it is.

After about a half hour of intermittent pings, I reached over and hit the return key. Hey, it said don’t turn off your computer. It didn’t say anything about the return key. Voila! Up came the enter password screen. It took my password and I was in. Whew!

But I’m not done yet. Two software applications that I use constantly (Visio and Snagit) are non-standard and have to be individually ordered and I couldn’t figure out how to do that, which means the process must have changed since the last time I had to do it. I didn’t have access to some links that I used to have access to and we won’t even talk about downloading from the cloud although I did make some progress.

So after three whole days of dealing with computer issues, the Virtual Oscar Tango folks are now trouble-shooting some kind of computer issue. I am not participating. I have had enough 😵‍💫

One Response to “Darn, this means I have to get back to work”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Computers, our frenemies. I dreaded getting any new equipment at school because there was very little support staff, and nothing ever worked quite right. Yet we had daily responsibilities like attendance and grading that required the computer. Argghhh!