Hellllooooo, Froggy! grok grok grok GROOOOOK!

GrokgrokgrokGROK!!! I finaly got t’ be in one o’ Ol’ Baggy’s prodjects! Grok grok frdok. Th’ techer wouldn’ let me help with pixxy-lated punk. grok grok. So Ol’ Baggy hadta do that one all by herself. grok grok. But I got t’ be in Hello Froggy! grok grok. Ain’t it loverly? Ya c’n click on th’ beyootiful pitcher down there t’ git out t’ ol’ ababsurdo ‘n’ ya c’n click aroun’ jest a li’l bit. grok frgok. Ol’ Baggy didn’t git aroun’ t’ makin’ more’n five pages. grok grok. She’s too dern lazy. grok grok. OKAY, SO STOP GAWKIN’ ‘N’ LISTEN UP SO YA KNOW WHAT T’ DO!!!! FIRST, the pitcher below is jest a pitcher o’ th’ front page. So first ya hafta CLICK that t’ get a *bigger* pitcher. *That* pitcher has a *few* places ya c’n click. Th’ places ya c’n click are browse, search, top seller, yellow trumpets, ‘n’ home. BEWARE: those links don’t ALL werk on evry page. ‘n’ do NOT try t’ type enything in th’ search box er it’ll BLOW UP yer ‘puter!!! grok grok. Ifya can’t figger out what I jest said, I guess yer just dumb er sumthin’. Anyway, AFTER ya click th’ pitcher below ‘n’ git t’ th’ BIG pitcher, jest move yer mouse aroun’ t’ find where th’ ol’ hot spots are. grokgrok frgok.


4 Responses to “Hellllooooo, Froggy! grok grok grok GROOOOOK!”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Uh, Froog? That would be Hello KITTY, *not* Hello Froggy!!! Get it?

  2. Mark Says:

    Anne, I like your design. It looks like an online plant sales site should look. I don’t know if it is in the scope of your project, but more functionality would really make it come alive and be a future sales asset.

    OBTW – Squish the frog. He is not of the proletariat and will never be one of us. You however could be. 😉

  3. Sam Says:

    Five gold stars and a high-pass grade. Extra for the mouse, froog, bee and ladybug!

  4. mouse Says:

    hehehehe. i know you told me to look at this forever ago, but it took me until today to have time.

    i’ll post soon, but i got all six of my study abroad shots wednesday morning, so i spent most of that being feverish and woozy. then, last night, i had an enormous project to finish and i didn’t sleep.

    so, coming up to today, i just took a 5.5 hour nap in the middle of the day. it was an accident!! i’ll probably still go to bed early though.

    i’ll catch up on the other blogs after i have dinner!

    love mouse