REM (not the band)

Thinking about the higgledy-piggledy-ness of yesterday’s entry, I could probably write more coherently about this stuff but I didn’t really have time yesterday. The point is these are extremely complicated issues and I’m not seeing that our government (local, national, whatever) is thoroughly analyzing transit infrastructure issues. It’s not that I don’t want change. I care about pedestrians and bicyclists and agree that we need to move away from carbon emissions but cars are not going to go away anytime soon. I just want us to carefully analyze and design our changes. It isn’t easy to change existing infrastructure so we have to coexist. I can’t say I would be the best analyst/designer for these issues so I’ll shaddup for now.

I often think about the era in which my grandparents’ generation switched from traveling by train and steamboat (and probably there were horse-drawn carriages in there, at least locally) to automotive vee-hickles. What kind of upheavals did that cause and how was it handled? Too much for this “bear of little brain”, at least tonight.

I’ve been having even more REM dreams than usual lately, some of them not very pleasant. I’ll write about one of them after this weekend and I’ll explain why I waited when I write it. Oh, it’s okay. Nobody died or anything. There may have been visitations from dead relatives but I don’t really remember. They float in and out of my dreams and I allow them in but I don’t let them tell me what to do 🐽

Overnight in the wee hours, between *two* REM dreams, I got up to visit the Water Closet. Out the W.C. window I could see a beautiful waning crescent moon. For some reason this confused me a whole lot. I have a BASIC idea about how the moon phases work and I have some good apps for locating objects in the sky. I didn’t get around to using my apps until this morning when I was on my 0-skunk-30. It was cloudy by then but SkyView showed the moon to be more or less right above me.

Reality hit with an early trip to the Plum Market and then there was a flurry of text message confuddlement between me and the beach urchins about election day. Did we have anything to vote on or not? The city mouse and I live *on* the Planet Ann Arbor (the city, that is). The country mouse is in an adjacent township. A friend of mine lives in ANOTHER adjacent township but dumps her recycle in the country mouse’s township. Confused? So were we. Turned out none of us had anything on the ballot but my friend did.

Gotta get back to making “Supper [not] At Six”. Using an old recipe I lost for a while and recently searched out on the internet. I found it in an old Gourmet magazine annual that I used to own but became a victim of flinging at some time in the past. More tomorrow maybe…

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I had some stuff to vote for–important races like school board. That’s becoming more of a hot button issue these days.